2017 Shane Dorian KEIKI CLASSIC

By MORE Than Sport
Posted in More Than Sport, on January 26, 2017

This past weekend, we were honored to attend and support the 2017 Keiki Classic in Kona, Hawaii.  Created and hosted by professional Surfer Shane Dorian, this unique event is in it’s 22nd year, continues to draw professional athletes, young surfers and fans from around the country.  

This is no ordinary event, Keiki are the only competitors and the money raised from donations and merchandise sales is returned to the local community every year.  Additionally, there is no cash entry fee.  Instead, each participant was required to donate 3 cans of food as well as submit report cards showing a minimum of a 2.25 GPA.

Dorian believes children should have no limits when pursuing their dreams, and boy does he walk the talk.  Among other things, the funds from the Keiki Classic funds grants for college visits and travel to surf competitions among other opportunities.  No child's aspirations should ever be dulled due to lack of access to resources.  

This years conditions were perfect and the surfing was amazing.  Not only did the Keiki participating have great day on the water, but top pro athletes came from all over to support Shane and his efforts.  Pro surfers Kelly Slater, Torrey Meister and Ezekiel Lau all joined this year's elite team in support of the event, just to name a few. 
“I think my favorite part of the event is always the awards ceremony.  The Keiki are getting awards for great surfing, but it is also about character.  Emphasis is put on being a good person and raising our youth to think beyond themselves.”  says Chris Lieto.  “Shane is a man of true character and Ohana.  He works year round to give back and support kids in a multitude of ways, from sport through education and beyond.  We continue to be honored to have him on the MORE Than Sport team.”

To continue support of the Keiki Classic, please visit the merchandise store: https://www.morethansport.org/collections/keiki-classic-2017
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