A Passion for Learning

By MORE Than Sport
Posted in More Than Sport, on January 26, 2016


"Every child deserves a champion-an adult who will never give up on them, who understand the power of connection and insist that they become the best they can be." -Rita F. Peterson

Four years ago, best friends Prashanthi and Mogandashi, both raised in the “line-room” slums of Hatton’s tea estates, faced a similar fate. At 14 years old they had to drop out of school to help their families survive and didn’t have much more to look forward to than an early marriage. But what happens when girls like Prashanthi and Mogandashi are given a chance at education and the support they need to finish school?

After consistent convincing, both girls joined Room to Read's Girls Education program. The program, which helps ensure girls can stay in school and complete their secondary education, provided them with funding for transportation, pens, books, and even meals, as well as life skills education and continued support. Both Prashanthi and Mogandashi are proud graduates of secondary school and are determined to go to university.

Inspired by their social mobilizers and teachers, Prashanthi and Mogandashi also began tutoring the children in the estate slums. “Whether it is math or reading, I want to help them. I understand how they feel and so my hope is that even while I am away at university they will remain inspired and find the courage to carry on — to continue, graduate and work hard towards a better future,” Prashanthi said.

In only four years, Prashanthi and Mogandashi went from being 14-year-old drop outs to the first in their families to graduate secondary school. Today they are creating a better life for their families and a better way for their communities by passing on their love of learning.


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