Aaheli’s Story of Freedom

By MORE Than Sport
Posted in More Than Sport, on January 11, 2016

Aaheli’s Story

More than Sport partner organizations regularly send our team inspiring stories of transformation in the lives of individuals, families and communities.  The following is from one of our partners in India who is committed to rescuing abused woman and children.  Your choice to support More than Sport shelter initiatives has brought freedom to countless girls who now have hope for greater future.

Aaheli’s father left her family when she was 2 years old. Her mother, Mahiya, tried to get support from her family, but they refused. With no support system, Mahiya was desperate. Then, when a woman showed up and offered hope of a new life she immediately followed her. The woman said she could take them somewhere to work and find them a place to live.

But the woman lied. She sold them to a brothel. The brothel owner took good care of Mahiya and Aaheli for the first week. The owner gave them new clothes and fed them well. Then one night that all changed. The owner drugged Mahiya and forced her to let men come into her room. Aaheli was brought upstairs and not allowed to see her mother for the rest of the night.

After that night, everything was different for Mahiya. Day and night she was exploited and abused. She went through two abortions, which left her weak and extremely thin. When she became pregnant again it was not noticeable until about 7 months. The owner allowed her to have the child, as long as she would still “work.” She gave birth to a baby boy, but because of her poor health she got an infection. The infection made her very weak and she became anemic. When she was at her weakest, the brothel owner forced Mahiya, Aaheli and the newborn boy out to the streets.

Mahiya was again forced to take “clients” to provide food for her family. While she and her family were living on the streets, our partners met Mahiya. After some convincing, Mahiya allowed Aaheli to go into our partners aftercare home. Aaheli now lives in freedom and knows she will never again be a captive.


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