Filters for Fiji

By MORE Than Sport
Posted in More Than Sport, on September 07, 2016

This July, More Than Sport was able to help distribute 300 water filters in Fiji in the aftermath of Cyclone Winston. The result of this distribution project was clean water for life for more than 14,650 Fijians – not a bad outcome at all! These filters were distributed in a village called Naivuvuni through our partnership with Drink Maple and Every Man Jack (EMJ) and our friends at Justice Water.


Here is KJ Appelt’s testimonial about what she encountered in Fiji: "You see the trees with broken branches, you see destroyed home, you see the plastic tents that were given as relief and temporary shelter, but you can never really see or understand what people actually have gone through when a cyclone comes through and rips their village apart.

People welcome you warmly, serve watermelons and have you come into their homes with big smiles, and you think things are okay. But people are still recovering from that cyclone, and even before that they’ve had plenty of things that weren’t okay, one of them being their water.  The village of Naivuvuni in Ra on the main island of Fiji has always struggled with water. It comes from the mountains, but it’s not always clean. Often it’s brown, there are things floating in it, and it can definitely cause stomach problems. One continues on with life with whatever water they can get, because that’s just life - that’s just how things are. But what if it didn’t have to be like that?

On this trip, we were able to spend some time with the people in this village. Families that were available came and gathered at one of the homes that hosted us. We sat together and talked about water filters. It was really great to see everyone that came, that showed up with their own bucket for the filter, as it showed that they were prepared and that they were eager to learn. The men and women assembled their own filters, while children gathered around and watched. Then we ran through some extra muddy water through the filter, and watched the crystal clear water flow into a cup! Sometimes you’ve got to see in order to believe! And sometimes you have to try it to trust it, so a few brave people drank the filtered water and gave their approval. Now their families will have safe water for decades to come! It’s amazing how effective those little filters can be!  It’s always a sweet moment to watch moms and dads walk home holding their child’s hand in one hand, and a bucket with the new filter in the other – you know their lives just got a little better.”

Thank you to all our partners who made this incredible goal a reality!



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