Giving Back Down Under

By MORE Than Sport
Posted in More Than Sport, on February 24, 2017

Shoes glorious shoes!
- MORE Than Sport athlete Briony Williamson
We all know that runners and triathletes are notorious for having shoe collections bigger than most can handle. Once they get a bit of wear we upgrade to newer, shinier, bouncier ones, but often can't seem to bring ourselves to throw out that old pair.  Each shoe has it's own history and a special place in our running journey. Those times where they helped us climb that last hill, when they carefully guided us over the rocky forest trails and those cherished moments down the finish chute of a race.
What if you could pass those hero shoes on to help someone else on their own journey?  More than Sport recently partnered with Sole Motive, an event management company, and Kids off the Kerb, an Australian based foundation with a mission to give every young person the opportunity to reach their potential. 
Their shoe donation project aims to redirect shoes from landfill (and lonely wardrobes) to support disadvantaged individuals and communities directly through outreach projects; or by export to developing countries.  At the most recent Active Triathlon run by Sole Motive athletes donated over 140 pairs of runners to be distributed to local schools and students who would otherwise not have access to training gear.  


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