MORE than Sport™ House build with CWAM!

By MORE Than Sport
Posted in More Than Sport, on January 12, 2013

See what More Than Sport and the crew were up to during the off-season.  The esteemed athletes that attended included Guy East, Ben King (RadioShack), Danny Summerhill (UnitedHealthcare), Jesse Anthony (Optum-KBS), former criterium National Champion Daniel Holloway, Mike Stone (BMC Development), Olympian track cyclists Giddeon Massie, and Tela Crane, along with two track and field athletes and two rowers. Chris also made the trip from Hawaii with his nine-year old son, and another former-pro cyclist Todd Henriksen attended along with his wife Tabitha.  Quick snapshot from the article:

“It’s not very often you find a group of professional athletes that want to do anything more than train, recover, and look after themselves. Let’s face it, being a successful athlete typically requires a selfish lifestyle. That’s why it was a bit of a surprise that between Christmas and New Year’s a group of 20 athletes, including Olympians and National Champions, headed south of the Border; and it wasn’t for a vacation or even a training camp—it was to build a home for a needy family.”


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