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By MORE Than Sport
Posted in More Than Sport, on April 11, 2016

Loving life!

In Part 1 we shared our love for the incredible Kilimanjaro Marathon. In Part 2 we shared our journey to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. To say we've had the trip of a lifetime would be a total understatement! But to quickly backtrack to the beginning of our trip before we left the States, we considered one more thing as the only way we could figure to bring more meaning to a journey of this magnitude and… It would be to recognize how lucky we were to have this opportunity in the first place... and as we try and practice benevolence and altruism as a standard in life, we reached out to and contacted MORE Than Sport for ways to help give back to Tanzanian communities in need.

Access to clean water is a daily struggle for over 25 million people in Tanzania. Image by Maasai Children Education.

Access to clean water is a daily struggle for over 25 million people in Tanzania. Image by Maasai Children Education.

In Tanzania alone, there are over 25 million people that lack access to clean/drinkable water!! We realized that without sources of clean drinkable water, not only would every leg of our trip be impossible, our daily lives would prove an ongoing struggle. The struggle is real for millions upon millions of people all over the world. With this information we decided to dedicate our trip to MORE Than Sport's Water Programs. Before we left we started our fundraiser through MTS for clean water and we're stoked to have raised over $2,000 USD! That means over 2,000 people will receive clean water for LIFE through MORE Than Sport and their partners on the ground all over the world! How amazing is that!!

Water filters

Once we were back in Arusha, after the Kili trek, and having learned over the prior week that in fact many of our porters struggled daily with access to clean water, we found it most fitting and appropriate to hand over the Sawyer SP180 water filters MORE Than Sport gave us to expedition team members and their families in need. We were super content to be able to give that extra something to them knowing that each filter could provide clean water for years to come!

Looking back, we could not be more grateful for the natural wonders, miracles of wildlife, and the incredible people that made this trip an amazing and humbling adventure! We hope to keep our fundraising for Clean Water going strong to help keep the memories of our trip alive, and help keep others in need alive and well on future trips around the world with MORE Than Sport! Asante Sana!!



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