New hope in Nepal - Stories from the ground

By Jayme Mechur
Posted in More Than Sport, on June 17, 2015

Convoy of Hope have been implementing food and shelter initiatives on the ground in Nepal following the earthquakes sent through this story on the impact and importance of the relief being provided. As the ground began to violently shake during April’s deadly 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Nepal, 13-year-old Manish jumped up from his chair in the second floor of a church and began to run. With walls beginning to crumble, Manish made his way to the street and survived unscathed. His mother was not as fortunate as she was buried in rubble, suffering significant injuries.
“I was scared my mother was going to leave us and we were going to be orphans,” says Manish.
Badly injured, Manish’s mother lay in a hospital while he took on the role as provider and protector for his family. He cut grass for cattle to make money, while worrying what his family would eat. That’s until he heard about Convoy of Hope’s food distribution near the remote village of Lamosangu. Manish hiked down the mountain to get the food-kit consisting of rice, lentils, salt and oil.
“When I got the food I could finally have a good meal with my family,” he says.
Manish’s family is one of more than 3,600 displaced families who were provided supplies by Convoy of Hope. The Disaster Services team moved rapidly into response mode in the hours after the earthquake struck. Since then, they’ve distributed more than 1,800 tarps and distributed 290,300 meals.
“The need for relief in Nepal has been tremendous and we couldn’t have done what we’ve done without the help of our many supporters,” says Kary Kingsland, senior vice president of U.S. Program and Disaster Services of Convoy of Hope.
Words by Adam McMullin courtesy of Convey of Hope. Follow Convey of Hope's updates from the ground in Nepal here


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