Our friends at Deep & Beyond

By MORE Than Sport
Posted in More Than Sport, on October 01, 2015

On October 1st, a group of More Than Sport volunteers in Kona were able to assist fifteen disabled individuals in an amazing day of snorkeling. This was in partnership with Deep & Beyond, a local organization that provides opportunities to hundreds of people on the Big Island that are living with disabilities. Deep & Beyond believes that disabled children and adults should have equal opportunity to engage in outdoor activities, a belief shared by More Than Sport.


This was the second time More Than Sport participated in a Deep & Beyond activity, the first being in October 2013 when volunteers assisted more than thirty individuals in ocean activities. On both occasions, the Challenge Athletic Foundation brought physically challenged athletes to help encourage and inspire participants. Despite their own physical challenges, these athletes were able to inspire and assist in something great. Volunteers from More Than Sport, many of them professional athletes themselves, were given the opportunity to make a difference through Deep & Beyond by helping others spend time in the ocean. We at More Than Sport encourage anyone who wants to volunteer with Deep & Beyond to check out their website, deepandbeyond.org, and sign up for one of their Snorkel Days, so that they too can take part in this awesome form of camaraderie.




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