Stories of Impact: Justice Water in Anogram

By MORE Than Sport
Posted in More Than Sport, on March 22, 2017

*This impact provided by the support of the team at Drink Maple*

The vaccination clinic of YWAM’s medical ship, the Pacific Link sees hundreds of unique cases every outreach. At a busy clinic staged in Angoram along the Sepik River, a concerned mother brought in a baby with a dangerously high fever. Ken was suffering from dysentery and dehydration, brought on by contaminated water. He was losing weight and unable to stomach any food or water.

A busy mother of two children and a large extended family, Ken’s mother had paddled the canoe trip of six hours from her village of Bien to reach medical help in Angoram. The team there quickly administered oral rehydration and gifted the mother with a water filter.

After receiving instructions on how to use the new filter, Ken and his mother made the trip home again. Nearly a week later, the Pacific Link was making its way down the Sepik River, staging multiple clinics in the villages on the water. In Mabuk, team members administering vaccinations were delighted to see a transformed Ken and his mother again. Bien Village sat just up river from Mabuk and Ken was to receive his final vaccinations. Not only did he look incredibly changed, healthy by all standards, the village of Bien was able to receive several more water filters to share among families so that even more children gained access to clean water and a healthy, safe future.


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