Sustainable Garden to Feed The Poor

By MORE Than Sport
Posted in More Than Sport, on February 12, 2014

Through the efforts of Tom O’Brien and his son Alex, MORE than Sport was able to give Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy $1,300 for the development of a sustainable garden to feed the poor in their community.
According to Tom, “They were so happy that this money is here because the garden is actively under construction.  They will use the money immediately to help complete construction of the raised beds, retaining walls and deer fence around the garden.  They are also beginning the process to germinate the seeds for the vegetables that will be planted in early Spring… so the project is going amazingly well.”
“At the same time, the students are also beginning the process to determine which Food Banks they will be collaborating with to provide fresh, organically grown vegetables and fruit from the garden.  This garden will allow dozens of students to get their hands dirty doing work for the poor.  This will help train them to be the ones who take responsibility for changing the world for the better as they blossom into adulthood.”
“Working on this project with my son Alex has proven to me that nothing is more important than serving widows, orphans and the poor.  It’s unbelievable how much poverty still exists in the U.S.  I know Cincinnati is a long way from some of the places where More Than Sport Ambassadors are serving the poor in other countries, but I am glad we are able to do our part to help get this project off the ground.  I hope this garden will serve as an example to other schools across the country (and the world) so they can use their resources (land, teachers, students, volunteers) to produce food that will help fill the gap when people need help making ends meet.”
“I never would have thought to do this had I not been inspired by Chris’ work with other athletes to stop thinking so much about ourselves and to do more for those around us who really need our help.  Ironman athletes have boundless energy and for those whom much has been given, much is required.”


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