Transforming lives in Kenya

By MORE Than Sport
Posted in More Than Sport, on August 25, 2014

Leg Wound

Pictured above is Ogari, a 13 year old girl who waited for 3 hours to see MORE than Sport Ambassador Christian Isakson when he put on a medical clinic with the Ameena Project in Kiang’ombe, Kenya. She was one of nearly 100 patients he examined during two days.  According to Ian May, President and Founder, “she sat silently as he examined and provided first aid to her lower leg, no tears, no complaining what so ever, even though she was in terrible pain.  It was severely burned more than a week earlier and was extremely infected.  Christian cleaned and bandaged her and delivered the news that she could likely loose the leg, it looked like the tissue was dying and he was very concerned.  He had her taken immediately to the closest hospital and the Ameena Project team did followup over the coming weeks. She has since made a complete recovery, kept her foot, and is grateful for the care she has received.  None of this would have happened without Christian’s involvement, compassion, and active service.”

After returning home from his trip to Kenya, Christian organized a weekend of fundraisers and media appearances to raise greater awareness and funding for the Ameena Project. MORE than Sport founder, Chris Lieto, was fortunate enough to also able to attend this inspiring weekend.   Through the generosity of those who attended the various events, MORE than Sport was able to raise over $5500 for the Ameena Project.  These funds have been used to provide additional medical care and resources for the children of Kenya.

We are grateful for the opportunity to partner with passionate and compassionate athletes like Christian Isakson and organizations like the Ameena Project. It is through their acts of service that individuals lives are being transformed in ways they never could have imagined.


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