Wild Rose Triathlon in Calgary

By MORE Than Sport
Posted in More Than Sport, on June 27, 2016

Recently, More Than Sport teamed up with the YWCA of Calgary to raise money for women and their families who are struggling with poverty, homelessness, family violence and isolation. The YWCA focuses on empowering women to move from a place of vulnerability to one of resilience, and provides both transitional housing and emergency shelter.


On June 26th, the Wild Rose Triathlon took place in Calgary. More Than Sport used this opportunity to raise and donate money to the YWCA of Calgary to help support their cause. Below is an example of a success story described by the YWCA.

Mary’s success story:

With her three children in tow, Mary arrived at the door of the Sheriff King Home emergency shelter confused, scared and highly emotional after fleeing a violent relationship. YWCA staff quickly learned how volatile Mary’s situation was and how low her self-esteem had fallen. She was unsure if staff could help her start a new life but knew the YWCA was the place to be. Mary’s partner, who physically, emotionally, verbally and mentally abused her had previously convinced her to follow him to his native country. There he continued his abuse and threatened her with the loss of her children if she left. Finally, she was able to return to Canada with her children and make her way to the YWCA for support and security. She was ready to make significant changes in her life that would ensure the safety of her children and allow for a healthier future for them all. After just one week in the shelter, YWCA staff noticed a large change in Mary’s behavior. She not only honored all appointments with staff but attended all group meetings and was a participant in the healing process. Mary followed through with all decisions she made including going to court to pursue a parental order and application to prevent her partner from removing the children from the country. Mary’s ability to question and brainstorm with a counsellor before making decisions on any situation was exceptional. She also proved to have all her domestic violence information at her fingertips, which she used to her advantage during 1 on 1 meetings with staff and in her input at Women’s group sessions. She has had a significantly positive influence on many women who attended these group meetings. Mary met all her goals and discharged to a second stage shelter, acknowledging her kids’ need for safety and continuous support in domestic violence education.


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