Carrie McCoy

Professional Triathlete


Kona Kids

Carrie is the the founder of the Kona Kids.  Kona Kids is an after school program aimed at helping children that live in Ulu Wini transitional housing. We provide the children with valuable learning experiences and developmental resources through education, exercise, and leadership.

Carrie ran cross-country for The Ohio State University and has competed in 3 World Championships for Team USA and twice at the Ironman World Championships. She earned her pro card this past year at IMKY and will be starting her career as a professional triathlete this season. She has always had a heart to Do MORE and has been an avid supporter in the fight against ALS for many years. Here is her story:

"I remember watching Jon Blais roll across the finish line in 2005. Its a moment that is etched in my memory, I remember where I was and the emotion that flooded over me. Two years prior a good family friend of ours, Marla passed away of MS. Though MS and ALS are not the same, they have a similar devastating impact on the individuals and there is still no cure for either.

I grew up watching this disease take over my friend's body... I watched her lose the ability to walk and use her arms. As this happened the quality of her life began to diminish. But Marla never stopped smiling or seeing the best in life, and she never stopped believing in me. So watching Jon roll across the line meant more to me then I could express as it reminded me of Marla, her fight and heart. It was at that point I vowed to "Do MORE" and I contacted MaryAnn and Bob to work with Team Blazeman in fighting ALS."