3x Ironman Champion, U.S. National Ironman Champion, Founder of MoreThanSport


Chris is a three-time Ironman Champion and former U.S. National Ironman Champion. Year after year Chris’s discipline and dedication to the sport of triathlon have paid off. In addition to training and racing, it has always been important for Chris to have balance in his life. Chris has successfully created that balance with work and family and through the launch of Base Performance Nutrition and, more recently, More Than Sport. Chris has had years of learning what works for him and what doesn’t work and he wants to share his successes with those who are also passionate about endurance sports and active life.

Career Highlights

2nd 2009 Ironman World Championship

1st 2006 Ironman Japan 
1st 2005 Ironman Canada 
1st 2002 Ironman Wisconsin 
1st 2002 Ironman 70.3 Vineman 


MORE Than Sport

The journey of MORE Than Sport began as a simple bike ride one early morning in Mexico. I was staying in a beautiful all-inclusive resort, as athletes often do when we travel to these amazing events. It was supposed to be a mere course check before a big race, but what I saw on my ride would change the way I saw the world forever. 

I began my ride along the coastline course.  With great sadness, I saw snapshots of extreme poverty. There was an entire village of people living on the land outside that stunning resort, with only the trees to protect them from the blazing hot sun.

As a husband and a father, my heart broke for those people. I would work to bring together my fellow athletes to use their dedication and talents to change the communities in which we all play and compete each day. From that moment forward, MORE Than Sport was born.

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