Christian Isakson

Ultra Distance Endurance Athlete


It would be a waste of time to write all about me when it really is all about "them". The ones I race for, and those who keep me going. The "them" is actually what makes me-me. My wife Rhonda of 24 years, Evelyn and Ian, You are why. My sponsors who encourage and support me-You are why. The organizations I have passion for-You are why. People in need-YOU are why. I'm built for endurance and it's such a blessing. Yes--I love to race and I've done many, but ultimately it's not the podium as much as who I help that matters in the end.

I'm so very thankful to God for wiring my internal circuitry--both flaws & firings that power me as an athlete

Career Highlights

Multi-time USAT All-American

Ultraman World championship qualifier

3-time Ultraman finisher

2nd Ultraman Florida (2015)

Epic 5 finisher (2012) 


Ameena Project

I race to help the Ameena Project. My wife and I feel so connected to this organization and the work being done in Kenya. Teaming up with More Than Sport, I understand after each race that if all I'm working for is a podium or placing, I have wasted my time.  No doubt I'll go to the rivet and do my best, but after that--then what?

My talent, my desire, and my gifts are tools I will use to bring Christ glory and attention to needs found outside the comfort of my own security.

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