James Fazio

Professional Surfer


James is a professional surfer that currently surfs in the ASP WQS tour. He is focused on being the best athlete that he can be, but he also has a history that drives him to do more.

When he was 12 years old he had a rare blood disease called Kawasaki's Disease. This disease attacks the heart with blood inflammation. After two months, the Doctors had given up on saving James’ life. They said that if by some miracle he lived, he would never be able to run or engage in sports again - but that was not the case. James was cured by a miracle and walked away from the disease without any heart problems. To this day, the doctors can't explain why.

After this life changing event, James set his vision on living his "second chance" to the fullest. James and his wife travel the world, competing in different professional surf competitions, with a focus on helping others and giving back to poor communities.


Time Well Spent

James created a Time Well Spent to give a life changing trip to four young men from different walks of life around the world. Time Well Spent is about four young men from different challenging background of pain and hardships that have found refuge in the ocean. We will lead you to each boys front doorsteps in Indonesia, Hawaii, Peru and Australia to hear their stories and learn where they come from. Finally, we brought all four boys together in Bocas Del Toro, Panamá. As the boys surfed perfect waves and received the journey of a lifetime, they also be learned what it meant to give back to people even less fortunate then themselves. As a part of the process we also built a house for a family in need in Panama with Homes of Hope and providing water filters to those who do not have access to clean water. We want to show the four boys that they have much more Worth then they can imagine and that they can make an impact on this world.