Jenny Fletcher

Professional Triathlete/Model


It's difficult for Jenny Fletcher to remember a day in which she has not been involved in something active. From tap, jazz and ballet to riding horses on her family farm in Western Canada, Jenny decided at a young age she wanted to do it all.

She started traveling around the world during her teenage years with the Canadian team, and at the age of 16 she competed in both Junior and Senior Worlds, an experience she described as "unparalleled adventure." Jenny eventually settled in New York, where she lived for 10 years, and during that time Jenny became a "gym junky," running the New York City Marathon and eventually unearthing her passion for triathlons. Jenny, now in her eighth year of racing, immediately became addicted.

Jenny earned her first ever professional triathlon victory at the 2012 IRONMAN 70.3 Branson. She called her win a "dream come true."

Career Highlights

1st 2016 Israman 113 

1st 2012 Branson 70.3

2011 6 top 10s results

2010 5 top 5s in pro-rookie year


Autism Eastern Cape & Hope Sports

Jen's goal in racing at the 2017 African Championships was to transform the lives of children in the local community. By partnering with MORE Than Sport, Jen and Ben Hoffman had the opportunity to raise funds to help kids with autism. These children will now have equipment and developmental resources, educational supplies and the latest in diagnosis technology for the Autism Eastern Cape school.  Jen also works with Hope Sports to build homes for families in need.  

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