MLB Pitcher and 3x World Series Champion

I am a relief pitcher for the San Francisco Giants and was profoundly blessed to have a role in the team's 2010, 2012 and 2014 World Series victories. I am also Christian, evangelist, and high-octane philanthropist. In 2011 the Not For Sale Campaign honored me with the opportunity to serve as of its first Ambassadors to Combat Slavery, along with Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York. My work with Not For Sale has earned me nominations for a variety of prestigious awards, including the Roberto Clemente Award and the Jefferson Award for Public Service.

Along with my work raising funds and awareness on behalf of Not For Sale, I support Something to Eat, the Global Orphan Project, Living Water International, and One World Futbol through my youth ministry, Generation Alive. I blog on Christian discipleship and tweet daily about global action to help the poor.

I'm working to stir a movement by raising the hearts of people in response to God's call to end injustice everywhere. I know we can do it. If God shows you a problem, he also shows you how to fix it. Join me in making this movement real.

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