Kai Lenny

Legendary waterman & seven time stand-up-paddling world champion


Save the Oceans

Kai is an innovator and visionary, on and off of the water.  With so many accolades already to his credit - and many more to come - Kai knows there is more to life than sport.  As an Athlete who spends most of his time in the ocean, Kai Lenny is passionate about protecting it. With his foil surfing craft, Kai has gotten up close and personal with all of the plastic polluting his favorite playground.

Kai is partnering with 5 Gyres and the team at Sustainable Coastlines in Hawaii to further explore the impact plastic pollution is having on his home waters, while also driving a social campaign to gather volunteers to clean up the plastic waste from Hawaii's coastlines. 

Support Kai's mission to keep our oceans and coastlines beautiful by donating to his campaign today.