Laura Siddall

Professional Triathlete


Laura is British by background, but splits her time between Australia, New Zealand and the USA as she trains and races around the world. Growing up in the UK, as the youngest of four girls, Laura had a successful career starting as an Officer in the British Army followed by working in business as a professional Chartered Mechanical Engineer, with a number of global multinationals. Having always been sporty, Laura represented England in Athletics and Netball before moving to Sydney, Australia in 2008 and finding Triathlon in 2009, a sport in which she began to thrive on.

Career Highlights

4th Challenge Roth (2016)

2nd Challenge Wanaka (2017)

2nd Ironman New Zealand (2017) 

6th Fastest British triathlete of all time 


Providing Educational Resources

Being privileged to travel the world training and racing, Laura is passionate to ensure she can do so whilst also giving back to the local communities, and More Than Sport was an organisation that struck a chord with her, and she immediately wanted to be involved. We forget how very privilege we are to have had an education. Watch the film, "On the Way to School" and you will realize how we take our education for granted. For many it's such a powerful gift. Laura's goal through her sport and career is to help provide education and resources around the world, which in turn give children opportunities and a chance to make change happen.

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