Lee Rodgers

Professional Cyclist/Race Organizer

I first got into road cycling after watching the Tour de France in 1987. I flicked the channel over and caught the last 20 minutes of one of the most iconic stages of the modern era, as Ireland's Stephen Roche clawed his way back up a mist-shrouded Alpine climb to finish within sight of Spain's Pedro Delgado and to keep his dream of the Yellow Jersey alive.

I was totally hooked. I got a basic bike within a week and I rode every day for the next couple of months and then started racing.I raced on for the next three years, winning a few races, and then, just before my 18th birthday I quit riding completely. The awareness of drug use in the sport, spurred me to walk away. I didn't ride again until I was 36.

I've never regretted the decision to stop racing when I did, but I love the fact that I started again. I was living in Japan, overweight and getting fatter, then one day I bought a cheap roadie 'just to get fit' – or so I thought. Within a few weeks I was racing again, and to my great surprise I won.

Within a year I'd progressed to the Japan pro-elite level, where I was living. A year after that I was racing on the UCI Asia Tour and even made it out to the Tour of Oman and Tour of Qatar. I eventually moved to Taiwan to ride for a team here and to take up a consultancy role with the Taiwan Cycling Association.

My involvement in helping to organize a fund for the widow and child of Njoroge John Muya, who died in an accident at a race I was participating in, brought me into contact with MORE Than Sport who set up and managed the fund for Njoroge brilliantly.