Luke McKenzie

8x Ironman Champion


Born and raised in the rural New South Wales Australia, Luke' interest in triathlon was fired in the early 90's when he helped man an aid station at Ironman Australia. In 1995, he entered his first triathlon and won. From this point he was hooked. As a 16-year-old Luke was selected for the Australian duathlon team competing in the World Championships at St Wendell, Germany. As the Under 20's youngest competitor he finished 7th. In 2001 Luke competed in the inaugural Sydney Youth Olympics and won by a considerable margin. This result helped to secure him a place in the Australian Institute of Sport Triathlon squad and provided Luke with valuable support, training and learning experiences.

In 2006 Luke realized his dream of competing in the Ironman World Championships in Kailua Kona, Hawaii. Although Luke suffered a stress fracture in his knee after a bike crash in training just a few weeks before the event, he decided to competes and achieved a major life goal. His first Ironman victory came in 2008 while setting a new course record time of 8:29:11 at Ironman Japan. 

Career Highlights

2nd 2013 Ironman World Championship

1st 2008, 2009 Ironman Japan

1st 2009 Ironman Malaysia

1st 2010 Ironman China

1st 2010 Ironman Brazil

1st 2013 Ironman Cairns


MORE Than Sport & Island House Triathlon

Luke uses the the platform that triathlon has given him, to give back to the communities that he competes in.  During the Kona Ironman World Championship event and the Island House Triathlon in the Bahamas, Luke works with MORE Than Sport to build and give over 300 bikes to kids in need.  He has also helped to raise funds that will be used to impact and inspire the local community in Nassau, Bahamas 

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