Mat Lock

Ultra Distance Endurance Athlete

Mat presents himself as just an everyday guy that’s made a decision to live an extraordinary life. His relatively late entrance into ultra distance multisport racing and adoption of a plant based diet have seen him transform his mind, body and spirit; from a lethargic, overweight corporate captor to an energized, entrepreneurial force for good.

After more than two decades of business travel that caused Mat to call four continents ‘home’ he’s now settled in Jervis Bay [Sydney] with his amazing Australian wife, Neridah, and their small army of cats. As someone who also competes in ultra distance racing, Neridah is Mat’s best mate and confidante [but always ready to ‘say it how it is’ when needed…].

Some of Mat’s athletic career highlights include 1st place [and current record holder] for the Craze 101km ultra-marathon in Singapore, 3rd place at Ultra 520k Canada [formerly Ultraman Canada] and 2 x RAAM finisher [2nd place, mixed 4 person team]. Mat also feels highly privileged to have been invited to compete at the EPIC5 Challenge [Hawaii] in 2017!

In the spirit of representing More Than Sport, Mat hosts the ‘Everyday Guy Podcast’ as a way to extend the reach of this amazing organization within the athletic community. Each week he goes ‘all in’ with everyday guys and gals from around the world who seem to do the impossible by balancing work and family life to achieve extraordinary results in their chosen sport. These unscripted and intimate conversations provide a ‘behind the scenes’ look into training, mindset, nutrition, work-life balance and making a difference in the world.

Mat believes it’s about more than sport; it’s about everyday athletes being extraordinary humans.