Nicholas Chase

Professional Triathlete/Coach


Before I became obsessed with triathlon I was an elite age group athlete racing for the US Air Force Triathlon Team. From there I graduated to the U.S. Military Endurance Sports Elite Team and the rest is history. I have been a professional triathlete since 2013 and it has brought me to some pretty exciting places and introduced to me some even more amazing people. As a triathlon coach, my goal is to inspire others to be the best version of themselves. I assist athletes with proper nutrition, training, strength and conditioning, and being there to watch their dreams turn into reality makes all the hard work and dedication worth it. I continually seek knowledge and development is everything I do and hopefully that permeates to my athletes.

Career Highlights

-2013 Armed Force Nationals silver medalist

-11th place at 2016 IRONMAN Zurich

-Coached three athletes to qualify for IM Kona

-Coached five athletes to qualify for the Boston Marathon


MORE Than Sport, US Military Endurance Sports, Team RWB

I support these causes because for me, it is not only about going fast, but also improving the lives of those around me - whether that be in the communities I race in, my local community in St. Petersburg, FL or giving back to U.S. veterans.

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