Surfing Legend and Big Wave Charger


Few surfers have put their mark on big wave riding like Shane Dorian.

Dorian competed on the World Championship Tour for over a decade, spending most of his time around top-ten status with the latter part of 2000 in World Title contention. Shane has also appeared in countless iconic surf films spanning his twenty-five year career.

After leaving the competitive tour in 2004, Shane discovered his true passion for big wave surfing and never looked back. Dedicating his time, focusing training, and following the biggest swells around the world is paying off. He won the 2005 Billabong XXL Surfline ‘Overall Best Performance’ award and added a ‘Monster Tube’ award in 2006.

Career Highlights

Multiple WSL Big Wave Awards Winner: Ride of the Year, Performance of the Year

Multiple WCT contest wins

Multiple WQS contest wins

2012 SIMA Watermen of the Year

4th Overall on WCT, 2000

Inventor of the inflatable surf safety suit



Since 1996, Shane has been hosting the Keiki Classic to give back to the community and the youth of Kona, HI. In the true spirit of "ohana" (Hawaiian for family) the event benefits the area by providing educational opportunities and scholarships to local kids and giving food to people and families in need.

"This event is making a real impact on the kids in the community. Kids grow up looking forward to the event each year - to compete and experience a unique environment where having fun and enjoying the day is much more important than winning. Stoked to continue to make the Keiki Classic happen every year!" - Shane Dorian

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