Tim O'Donnell

World Champion Triathlete, Ironman Champion


Tim, from Shaverton, Pennsylvania, is considered one of the top U.S. half-iron and iron-distance triathletes. The U.S. Naval Academy graduate (2003) now lives in Boulder, Colorado with his wife, 2x Ironman World Champion Mirinda Carfrae. Tim won the 2009 ITU Long-Distance World Championship in Perth and his first Ironman win came in 2013 at Brazil.

Career Highlights

ITU Long Distance World Championships:

1st 2009 Perth

2nd 2010 Immenstadt

3rd 2015 Ironman World Championship

3rd 2010 Ironman 70.3 World Championship Clearwater


Team RWB & the Island House Triathlon

Tim uses the platform he has created with triathlon to help others.  With his military background, Team RWB (which seeks to enrich the lives of American veterans) is very close to Tim's heart.  Tim has said: "we think of triathlon as an individual sport, but it's also an incredibly supportive community working together to encourage and celebrate one another.  Racing as part of a relay team in a Challenge Family event to raise funds for the courageous veteran athletes of Team RWB, demonstrates the spirit of encouragement and celebration in our sport."

Tim recently teamed up with several world class triathletes to benefit local communities in the Bahamas, through the Island House Triathlon.  Tim's fundraising and hands on efforts helped provide sports equipment to the Adelaide Primary School in Nassau.

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