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$18K of $20K goal

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Our Goal

Raise funds covering near-term needs of Njoroge's family, providing educational funds for his child, nieces and nephews, while also establishing scholarship funds for young Kenyan cyclists.

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Project Details

John Njoroge Muya began with Kenyan Riders in 2010, improved rapidly and left as its brightest star. His tragic departure, wearing his first yellow jersey, is a huge blow to the project, a blow that is reverberating throughout Kenya, around Africa and into the international cycling community.

The goal of this fundraiser is to achieve the following objectives, in order of priority:

  1. Collect sufficient funds to replace 18-24 months worth of Njoroge’s salary to cover his family’s living expenses
  2. Collect funds to invest into a local savings account for his 1 year old son’s future education, covering all expenses for his public primary schooling and private secondary schooling. Donations will also be directed to support some of the educational needs of nieces and nephews who had previously relied on Njoroge per local family customs.
  3. Collect funds towards job and technical skills training necessary to assist Njoroge’s wife as she transitions to her role as sole breadwinner for the family’s future and provide her the dignity that meaningful and sustainable work affords.
  4. If the above are satisfied, remaining funds will be placed into the John Njoroge Muya Scholarship Fund. The fund will assist in providing education for a number of promising young local Kenyan cyclists whilst they train with the larger Kenyan Riders team.

For more news and updates from Kenyan Riders, please visit their official website and Facebook page.

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